Parts and Complete Units

Are you tired of dealing with transmission issues in your vehicle? Look no further! At Felix Transmissions, we offer a comprehensive Parts and Complete Units service to ensure that your vehicle’s transmission is running smoothly. Whether you need individual parts or a complete transmission unit, we have you covered. Read on to discover how our service can enhance your vehicle’s performance and provide you with peace of mind on the road.

Differential Repair

Discover the importance of differential repair and how Felix Transmissions can help you get your vehicle running smoothly again.

Manual Transmission Repair

Is your manual transmission giving you a hard time? Don’t fret! At Felix Transmissions, we specialize in manual transmission repair services that will get your gears back in sync and have you cruising smoothly down the road in no time.

Flywheel Resurfacing

Are you experiencing clutch slippage or a rough gear shifting in your vehicle? It might be time to consider flywheel resurfacing. At Felix Transmissions, we offer top-notch flywheel resurfacing services that can rejuvenate your vehicle’s performance and improve its longevity. What is Flywheel Resurfacing? Before we dive into the benefits of flywheel resurfacing, let’s understand […]

Clutch Installation

Smooth Shifting Made Easy with Felix Transmissions Excerpt: Are you tired of that annoying grinding noise every time you shift gears? Is your clutch slipping, making it difficult to accelerate smoothly? Look no further! At Felix Transmissions, we offer top-notch clutch installation services that will have you shifting gears like a pro in no time. […]

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